Rhino + Elephant Demon

Despite the obvious differences these two Demon Transformations play very much alike, so I'm featuring them on the same page. Choose which one you think looks best!

Of all the demons these two hit the hardest. Despite their strength these two styles are a bit difficult to master, because they're also slow. In fact: They're the slowest styles in the game. To remedy that a little, I've given them a 50% resistance to Martial Arts. I figured that their thick skin should be a decent protection against blunt instruments such as fists. But I've also given them a special weakness. Sharp instruments such as weapons do 20% more damage to Rhinos and Elephants. You will either have to pick your battles carefully or you will need to acquire some serious skill to use these two styles.

Despite the impressive length of their arms, their reach is surprisingly short in vanilla Jade Empire. In my tests I found it very counterintuitive, that human opponents, who are out of the Elephant or Rhino Demon's reach, can kick and punch them. So I increased their range. This may have unbalanced these styles a little, so it might change in future releases...

Rhino Demon

Transformation Style Removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis) Drains Chi Rhino demons are some of the most powerful demons out there, but they are limited by their slower movement due to their large size. A warrior using this style takes the grand form of a walking Rhino demon - complete with the demon's rhino horn and huge arms. The Rhino demon has a very effective area attack. This Transformation also makes the warrior immune to all Support styles, just like the Rhino demon itself. Additionally Rhino Demon's thick skin allows them to resist a certain amount of damage from Martial Arts. This partial resistance stands in stark contrast to their vulnerability to weapons, however.

Elephant Demon

Transformation Style Drains Chi, removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis). Elephant demons are the strongest of demonkind. They're also the slowest and that leads some to the dangerous belief, they would be easy pray for the fast warrior. What they lack in speed, though, they certainly make up for in defense. Their thick skin is an excellent - albeit partial - protection against Martial Arts. It is possible, however, to attack them with weapons. Not just that: It would seem that weapons do more damage to Elephant-transformed magicians than to ordinary humans or other Demons for that matter.

Confronting Jizu as an Elephant Demon