Fox Transformation

Fox Demon Transformation

The Fox Demon Transformation is not only a dangerous offensive style, but also a rather effective defense. While performing a pirouette in mid-air, the Fox Demon is completely out of harm's way and the strong attack can be initiated from a safe distance. Add to that it's natural immunity to all styles that incapacitate the player and she - yes, Fox Demons are all female - and she becomes quite the tank. I even piled on top of that, by increasing her walk speed. Not the attack speed, mind you. But since Demons cannot dodge, an increase of the walk speed makes a whole lot of difference. A quick brown fox, indeed.

Fox Demon Transformation

Transformation Style Removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis) Drains Chi Fox Demons may not be the strongest of Demonkind, but they are most certainly the quickest. It is not just difficult to defeat a Fox Demon. It is difficult to strike at them to begin with. In addition to its impressive speed the fighting style of Fox Demons is also a very elegant one. Many poor souls have lost their lifes, because they forgot for a moment, that they were fighting for their survival and marvelled at the Ballet in front of their eyes. But, alas, their beauty doesn't make Fox Demons any less deadly.

Closed Fist players can acquire this Transformation, by choosing to aid the Mother and fighting the Fox Demons in Heaven (middle of chapter 2). Open Palm players will have to buy this style from Zin Bu

Fighting the Fountain Guardians as a Fox Demon