Transformation Styles

The Transformation Styles

Vanilla Jade EmpireJade Empire in Style
Toad DemonToad Demon
Horse DemonHorse Demon
Red MinisterRed Minister
Jade GolemJade Golem
Rhino Demon
Elephant Demon
Fox Demon
Bull Demon

Since I increased the number of Transformations substantially in my mod, I also had to work on a basic problem of theirs: They're huge! All of them. Once transformed it's quite possible - even likely - that your own character blocks the view of your opponent. Needless to say: Having no clue what your opponent does, is a rather dangerous position to be in. To remedy that, I've made all the Transformations semi-transparent.

Some Transformations were given to you for free and automatically in vanilla Jade Empire. I like to think that my mod can do away with such contrivances. Transformations are - like all other styles - learnable in combat. And so neither Toad Demon Transformation, nor Horse Demon Transformation, nor Red Minister Transformation, nor Jade Golem Transformation will be simply given to you anymore. You will have to win them in a fight.

Jade Golem and Red Minister are available through combat only, but Toad Demon and Horse Demon can be bought from Zin Bu. For a steep price.

Rhino Demon Elephant Demon Fox Demon Bull Demon Ogre

The New Transformations

These are the new transformation styles my mod adds. All of them have been slightly enhanced - albeit in completely different ways.

The Rhino Demon Transformation and the Elephant Demon Transformation are a bit slow. So slow, that you won't be able to defend yourselves at all times. So I additionally equipped them with a partial resistance against Martial Arts.

The Fox Demon Transformation on the other hand is relatively quick. Or rather: It was relatively quick. It's really quick now.

The Bull Demon Transformation was underpowered. And so I modified it. Big Time. I don't think, it's overpowered now, but it's most definitely unfair. It's the unfairest style of them all. And dastardly. Yes, it's a dastardly style. So, if you feel like fighting dirty, go Bull!

The Ogre Transformation is - shall we say - special. Ogres haven't exactly invented the club, but they sure now how to swing it. If playing a dumb brute doesn't scare you, try the Ogre.

There be Bugs

There are a few bugs left in the Transformations. Please, don't blame me for them. They're Bioware's bugs. Not mine. I tried very hard to fix them anyway. My hacks worked in a lot of cases and made it a lot worse in the rest. Eventually I decided to remove them from my mod for good.

So here are two rules for safe usage of Transformations:

  1. Do not (directly) switch from any of the vanilla Transformations to any of the new ones or the game will crash. Switch to any other style in between and you should be fine.
  2. Every once in a while your appearance won't change back to normal, when you switch back from a transformation to a regular style. If that happens transform again and switch to the regular style again. You may have to do this twice. This rule applies to old and new Transformations alike.

Sorry about those inconveniences, but I can't seem to fix what Bioware broke. I tried. A lot. An awful lot. To no avail.