Support Styles

Support Styles

Vanilla Jade EmpireJade Empire in Style
Heavenly WaveHeavenly Wave
Hidden FistHidden Fist
Paralyzing PalmParalyzing Palm
Storm Dragon

Most changes in this category are only minor - with one notable exception...

Heavenly Wave is a great starting style, but the more the game progresses, the less attractive it becomes. That's a shame. And so I made the duration increase you will get through leveling this style, a little more dramatic.

Paralyzing Palm's area attack is quite powerful. At least it would be, if wasn't almost impossible to use. So I increased its radius and speed a little.

Storm Dragon

And here comes the major change: Storm Dragon is no longer a Support Style, but an Energy Style.

Learning Hidden Fist from Smiling Hawk

There is no shortage of opponents to learn Hidden Fist from, but I find there is a certain poetic justice in prying this knowledge from Master Smiling Hawk's cold dead hand.

Learning Paralyzing Palm from Jia

Paralyzing Palm may not be a unique style, but it is still very exotic. Only a handful of opponents use it. Closed Fist characters who reject Master Radiant's teachings, will have the first chance to learn Paralyzing Palm, when they confront Jia. Good luck with that!