Merchants and Goods

On other pages of this site I've tried to separate the general information from the spoilers. I don't think that's possible when it comes to the merchants' inventories. Please, consider all of the following pages to be spoilers. Proceed with caution!

None of the gems or techniques were removed from Jade Empire's stores. A few, however, were slightly modified and some new ones were added. The styles are another matter, though. They were almost completely redistributed in this mod. Some were removed. Lots more were added. But keep in mind that not all styles can be found in stores - not even all of the new ones.

Two new merchants were added: Hui and Abbot Song. Both are only available for a short period of time. Hui will part ways with you once you have visited the lower ruins and encountered Chai Ka. Abbot Song will stay by your side throughout the remainder of chapter five, but when you return back to the world of the living, he won't be able to follow.

Lucky Hand Gem

The prices of items and styles have been left unaltered. But since I've added so many styles and also a few other goodies to the stores, I also tried to fill the player's pockets a little more. The amount of silver you get for defeating opponents has been increased. The bonus you will get by equipping the Lucky Hand gem has been increased as well.

In vanilla Jade Empire you won't win any more silver after your demise. I suppose Bioware's reasoning here is, that dead people have no use for such worldly possessions. But there are a lot of things the dead do in Jade Empire, that I wouldn't exactly call usual. Why not change this, too? So I did.

Zin Bu - the genie merchant - was a bit useless in vanilla Jade Empire, because the rates at which he bought and sold, were so bad. In this mod he buys and sells at standard rates.

Some of the merchants may offer you items for a discount, after you have performed a quest for them or if you choose your words carefully. In the the following pages, you will find two prices in those cases.

Styles the player already owns, will be removed from the stores. So don't be surprised, if the merchants' inventories look a lot smaller on an actual play-through of my mod.

The merchants' inventories are dependent on your game progress as well. Some items will only show up, when you have reached a certain chapter or after you have finished a certain quest. The "Precondition" column tells you at what point the item will be available. Where ever the column is blank, there are no preconditions