Martial Styles

The Martial Styles

This category includes all the starting styles. I see these as the core of the gameplay, so I refrained from changing any of them. I made some additions to this category however.


Vanilla Jade EmpireJade Empire in Style
White DemonWhite Demon
Thousand CutsThousand Cuts
Leaping TigerLeaping Tiger
Legendary StrikeLegendary Strike
Iron PalmIron Palm
Drunken MasterDrunken Master
Leopard Fist
Monkey Paw
Black Mantis
Divine Void
Seven Thunders
Leopard Fist Monkey Paw

Leopard Fist is new. This is the "brawler" style that many of your opponents in vanilla Jade Empire use. In my mod you'll be able to learn it yourself. Personally I like this one a lot. I combine it with White Demon, though. An exceptionally dangerous mixture! That's a question of taste, of course. :)

Monkey Paw is new as well. This one is rare, though. Exceptionally rare. Only a single opponent uses it and only a single merchant sells it.

Viper and Iron Palm aren't entirely new. The special edition of the PC version makes them available to players as well. But I didn't like the lengthy and over- complicated way with which they were introduced in vanilla Jade Empire. So I removed those quests. Completely. There are plenty of opportunities to learn either of the two in combat. Iron Palm e.g. can be learned in Two Rivers already - by fighting Gao the Lesser - if you're good enough, that is.

Learning Iron Palm from Gao The Lesser

Failing that, my mod also makes them available in one of the stores.

Cobra Venom

Merchant Cheung in Tien's Landing will sell Viper and Iron Palm to you, if you manage to close the dam.

While there is nothing new about Viper as such, there is a new upgrade for the Viper style: Cobra Venom. This is truly vile stuff, though. If you want to play an Open Palm character, you surely don't want to be bothered by such things...

Drunken Master

Drunken Master does not exactly fit into this category, because Jade Empire internally classifies it as a Temporary Style and not as a Martial Style. "Temporary" because you can only stay in this style for short periods at a time. You will drop out of this style before long, unless you have Hou in your party and regularly pick up those bottles he throws your way. Be that as it may. I heavily modified Drunken Master, so I had to feature it in some category or another and since it plays like a Martial Style, I put it here.

Lost + Found Styles

Black Mantis Divine Void Seven Thunders Willow
Lost + Found Styles
Black Mantis
Divine Void
Seven Thunders

Most styles this mod introduces aren't strictly speaking "new". They are used by NPCs, but they're not made available to the player. These four styles are a little different. They are completely new. Almost completely. Well, sort of. Um... let's say new-ish.

At one point in time Bioware planned to add these styles to the game. And then they scrapped them. Why, we do not know. Some traces of these styles remain, however. The icons are still there; the names and descriptions - if only as placeholders; and some special effects are still there, too. What these styles really would have looked like and if they would have been martial styles - as they are now - is anybody's guess.

A modder named lothario discovered that some styles - Legendary Strike and Heavenly Wave e.g. - had animations that the game engine never uses for anything. He came up with the idea of using these "bonus" animations to create new styles. Instead of inventing new names for these styles he used the names and icons of the scrapped styles and filled them with new life. Whether that was a restoration or a re-invention, I honestly don't know, but I've decided to label these four collectively as "Lost + Found Styles".

Since the Lost+Found Styles do not occur naturally in the Jade Empire, I had to find a way to introduce them to the game world. The easy way was to add them to the in-game stores and I did just that.

Smiling-Mountain, Hui and Abbot Song will sell the Lost+Found Styles to you.

Scholar Tsou Ji

But since that's a little artificial, I also wrapped them in a little quest. There are four ancient stone tablets to be found in the Jade Empire. Each describes one of the forgotten styles. They were written in Cuneiform so you probably won't be able to translate them yourself. But fortunately for you there's a certain scholar from the Imperial City, who's travelling around the Empire to look for ancient artifacts such as these. If you find him, he will happily take the tablets off your hands and decipher them for you.

Finding a Stone Tablet

You will find Scholar Tsou Ji in the upper area of Tien's Landing - near the spot where you'll find Minister Sheng