Magic Styles

The Magic Styles

Vanilla Jade EmpireJade Empire in Style
Ice ShardIce Shard
Dire FlameDire Flame
Stone ImmortalStone Immortal

The four magic styles that you know from vanilla Jade Empire have been left mostly unchanged. I tried to make the area attacks slightly more useful. But only slightly. The power-ups Harmonic Combos will produce have been swapped around quite a bit, though.



"Blizzard" is the name of the style your final opponent in Jade Empire uses. Like Death's Razor it is a unique style. It cannot be bought in any store. It cannot be aquired through any quest. It can only be learned from a single opponent. In a boss fight. Which makes it a bit difficult to learn, to be sure. It's well worth it, though: It may not be the most powerful magic style of them all, but its unevadable homing projectiles and the unblockable power-ups its Harmonic Combos produce, more than make up for what it lacks in damage.

If you use Blizzard to start a Harmonic Combo, you will either get one of the regular power-ups - Chi, Focus or Health - or - and that's more likely - you will get one that I created specifically for this style. It grants you unblockable attacks for a short period of time.


Magic Style Drains Chi If used as part of a Harmonic Combo this style produces a power-up that grants unblockable attacks for a while. Blizzard combines Water Magic and Air Magic into a deadly new style. By manipulating the winds the master of this style can conjure ice shards that home in on their victims and that no amount of jumping or dodging can prevent from hitting. The unblockable power-up that a harmonic combo may produce, makes these homing ice shards even more dangerous. The Power Attack is identical to the one from pure Water Magic. And the Area Attack has its origns in Air Magic.

Since you cannot aquire Blizzard until the end of the last confrontation, you can only use it when starting a new game from a JadeMaster Save. You won't be able to use it on normal, easy or hard difficulty.


Harmonic Combos

The assignment of the different types of power-ups to the different magic styles seemed quite arbitrary to me. I can see no reason, why two styles such as Dire Flame and Ice Shard, that you have to pick one or the other from, at a certain point in the story line, should generate different power-ups. Is it really necessary to make this choice based on the kind of power-up they produce? Wouldn't you rather choose based on whether you like the stances, movements and looks of the style? That's doubly true for Stone Immortal and Tempest, since they're almost mutually exclusive. Even if you do manage to acquire both: Stone Immortal is only really useful for good guys, while Tempest is only really useful for bad guys. I really think, they should provide the same power-up as well.

For Dire Flame I picked Chi power-ups instead of Health power-ups. Who needs Health power-ups anyway, right? And for Stone Immortal I picked Focus as the power-up type. By the time you get Stone Immortal you probably alreay have multiple ways to produce Chi power-ups, but - with Storm Dragon out of the picture - not a single way to produce Focus power-ups. So, Focus, it is.

Storm Dragon can no longer be used to start a Harmonic Combo. It is an Energy Style in my mod - very much alike Spirit Thief. But this is not the only change I made to Storm Dragon. See Energy Styles for details.

Style Name Style Type Powerup  
Heavenly Wave Support Health
Ice Shard Magic Chi
Dire Flame Magic Chi Health
Hidden Fist Support Chi
Paralyzing Palm Support Chi
Stone Immortal Magic Focus Chi
Tempest Magic Focus
Storm Dragon Support none Focus
Blizzard Magic Unblockable