New items

A rather large number of gems and technique have been slightly modified. Most of these edits were made with specializations in mind. The Ultimate Warrior Gem e.g. used to grant you +12 to your Body. It grants +16 now. The Greater Warrior's Gem of Fate on the other hand used to reduce your Body by -5. It is -8 now. All these small changes should allow you to create more extreme character builds. None of these simple modifications are featured on these pages, though. They're just not game-changing enough. Feel free to discover them on your own.

Gem Armors

Storm Armors Flame Armors Stone Armors

In vanilla Jade Empire you have one kind of Gem Armor The Storm Armors. These are damage armors. Any opponent who strikes at you or makes body contact, will take a small amount of damage. To add a bit of variety I also created Flame Armors and Stone Armors. These are damage armors as well, but with different looks and different additional bonusses. The basic damage effect, however, is the same. So I went ahead and created three completely new Gem Armors. Each of them unique and each of them with very distinct effects.

The 6 Gem Armors

The Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness is a truly vile gem that gives your character a vampiric armor. Any opponent who successfully strikes at you in melee combat, will loose a bit of Chi and a bit Focus to you. Additionally this gem quite drastically increases the amounts of Chi and Focus, that Spirit Thief and Storm Dragon will drain from your opponents and transfer to you. With this gem equipped you are nearly immortal. Needless to say: Only Closed Fist characters can equip this gem - or acquire it in the first place. The amounts of this gem's effects are tied to how clearly you walk the path of the Closed Fist. The more you close your fist, the more you will get out of this gem. The Heart of Darkness is one of two alignment-specific items by the way. The other is a technique.

Resonating Crystal

One of the trickier things in Jade Empire is taking on multiple enemies at once. You can either use area attacks to isolate them from another and fight them one at a time. Or you can use a crowd-control style like the Staff or Divine Void e.g. Well, those are the complicated ways. And then there's the easy way: The Resonating Crystal is a defensive gem armor that allows you to stay in charge even when you're surrounded by a mob and get hit in the back. The Resonating Crystal's curious vibrations transfer to any who strike at you. With a bit of luck that causes a resonance that crystallizes your opponents. That not only neutralizes them, but you might also be able to insta-kill them by shattering theses crystals. A shattered crystal will produce a very very useful power-up that feeds back its vibrations to the Resonating Crystal and activates its offensive mode...


The Cloudstone is the only purely defensive gem armor. It does not protect you from taking damage however. What it does protect you from is incapacitation, immobilization, confusion and the like. When you loose control over your body, the Cloudstone activates automatically and liberates you. It is the perfect defense against Paralyzing Palm, Hidden Fist, Tempest, etc.

Since gem armors are quite powerful, you are not allowed to equip more than one at a time.

Lord Lao's Furnace

Lord Lao's Furnace I Lord Lao's Furnace II Lord Lao's Furnace III

I've rearranged quite a few things about Lord Lao's Furnace. So here's a complete list of the current configurations and their counterparts from a vanilla install of Jade Empire.

Configuration Ingredient Location Reward Effect
old location old Reward old Effect
Horse Cow Bezoar Pirate Workshop Song of the Spirit (Technique) Spirit +6
Spirit +5
Dragon Sulfurous Water Imperial City, Market District A Mountain Within (Technique) Body +6
Body +5
Snake Bar of Nickeled Iron Imperial City, Scholars' Garden Calm as the Morning Breeze (Technique) Mind +6
Mind +5
Tiger Bar of Nickeled Iron Urn at the Furnace The Triple Tongue (Technique) Charm/Intuition/Intimidation +12
received from Jinlin after clearing the Emperor's Tomb The Quieted Mind (Technique) Focus +30
Ox Sulfurous Water received from Jinlin after clearing the Emperor's Tomb Spirit of the Master (Technique) Magic Duration +100%
Magic Damage +25%
Urn at the Furnace Magic Duration +100%
Rabbit Cow Bezoar Lotus Assassin Fortress Harmony and Balance (Technique) Body/Spirit/Mind +3
Heaven's Blessing Gem Low Damage Shield
(Open Palm only)
Rat Eyes of the Void received from Kang after third mission Strength of the Bull (Technique) Damage +25%
Goat Eyes of the Void received from Kang after third mission Cyclone Gem Body/Spirit/Mind +4
Damage Shield
Harmony And Balance (Technique) Body/Spirit/Mind +3