The Concepts of this Mod

This mod started out as a compilation of a bunch of other mods that make new styles available. I figured out the other modders' tricks by studying their files and eventually added styles myself. All in all there's around 40 now. Quite a lot of styles have been modified. Some have been re-balanced. To others I've added new effects. And some have been re-purposed entirely. But having oh so many styles left me without a convenient way to introduce them into the game. Who wants to find a combat style in a chest? So I came up with the idea of learning new styles in combat. Now that I had figured out, how to introduce all those new styles - by letting your opponents introduce them - I had another problem: What good are all those styles, if you only have the points to level three or four of them? The whole point of adding new styles is to add variety and replayability - not to torture the player by giving him options he can't use. So I built upon the idea of learning in combat: You will not get a single style point during regular level-ups anymore. None. Not a one. In my mod you have to fight for those as well.

Acquiring Styles

If you manage to stand your ground against an unknown style, a special store will pop up right after the combat round, that will offer you that style at a tenth of its regular price. Whether you do or do not get the chance to visit the style store, depends on how much damage you take. Take no damage at all and a visit to the style store is guaranteed. Take a small amount of damage and you may - with a bit of luck - visit the store after all. The more damage you take, the more luck you will need. Take a lot of damage and you will learn nothing.

Gem of the Incomplete Master

There may be a certain gem, that you can buy at some point in my mod, that will give you access to the style store, even if you allow your health to drop. This gem may be particularly useful in boss fights.

The Style Store

If you decline to buy a style three times, it will not be offered to you anymore.

I added some opponents with advanced styles to the first two chapters, to give you a (small) chance to learn those styles early on.

An early confrontation with Eyes of the Dragon

So, expect to see the style store relatively often in the beginning of the game. Later on it should become a rare event.

Leveling Styles

The different kinds of orbs Combat Training

Defeated enemies will drop style point orbs, that you can pick up. As with styles there are no guarantees for style points either. The more powerful your opponents are, the more likely they are to drop points and the more points they are going to drop. You can greatly influence your chances to get lots of points, by doing well in combat. You may also squander your chances by doing not so particularly well. With the lowly gimps, that make up the bulk of your opponents, you will need a bit of luck too. Since there are so many of them, most of them won't drop any points - regardless of your awesome fighting skills.

You may also be able to acquire Training (which equates to style points) from merchants. All in all you should get quite a few points more in my mod than in vanilla Jade Empire. That's up to you, though.

Acquiring Style Points

A very special reward...

To shake things up a little, I've created very very special combat rewards. Every once in a while you will see a white (or red - depending on your alignment) beam of light emanating from the ground. Walk into it! And do so right away, because unlike the style point orbs, those beacons will disappear when the combat round is over.


In vanilla Jade Empire you can be good at any type of style you like. You can be good at Martial Arts and good at Weapons and good at Magic. Having lots of variety is certainly fun. But maybe it's also interesting to be great at a specific type of style instead of being not too shabby at no type in particular...

In vanilla Jade Empire all characters are generalists. Bolstering their health e.g. makes them sturdier, but it has no effect on their combat skills whatsoever. If you plan on getting hit a lot, invest a lot in health, otherwise don't bother. Chi and Focus have other uses, to be sure, but investing in them has no direct effect on your combat skills either.

I tried to change that by adding "specializations" to my mod.

Gem of the True Initiate

There are a three disciplines you can specialize in: Martial Arts, Magic and Weapons. And there is a gem that you must equip to become a specialist. Which discipline you specialize in, is decided by your highest attribute. Health stands for Martial Arts; Chi for Magic and Focus for Weapons. Your chosen discipline will do extra damage, while the other two will suffer. If your Health e.g. is significantly higher than your Chi and your Focus, you will do bonus damage with Martial Arts. Specializing on Chi adds bonus damage to your Magic Styles and specializing on Focus adds to your Weapon damage. The test for specialization is made after effects - i.e. not only do the values you choose at level-up and your techniques matter, but also your other gems. That should enable you to customize for specific battles by choosing your gems carefully.

Becoming a Magician

Beware though: While you will become more dangerous in your special discipline, the other two disciplines will suffer quite noticeably. A Martial Arts specialist is lousy with weapons and magic. A Weapon Master should stay away from Martial Arts and Magic; and a Magician needn't bother with Martial Arts or Weapons.

Unequip the gem and those bonusses and malusses will disappear and you turn back into a generalist.

The following video contains major spoilers. Do not watch it, if you haven't finished the game at least once!

Playing as a Magician