Hummingbird Gem

The Cheat Console

The by far biggest addition of the latest version is the cheat console. I'm no fan of cheating, but I'm a big fan of not telling people how to play the game. So if you would like to get this gem or that style right now and not when the opportunity presents itself, that's fine with me. It's all up to you.

I do however strongly suggest not to use the savegame editor to cheat. My mod sets a lot of local and global variables, that the savegame editor does not set. That may cause my mod to behave erratic. It may even crash the game. I do hope the new cheat console will make the savegame editor superfluous!

There is a certain gem that you will have to put in your amulet to use the cheat console. You can find this gem in the Spirit Cave in the middle of chapter one. You will also be able to buy it from Zin Bu (the genie merchant).

Adding Styles

Every style and every weapon this mod knows is available here. This cheat carries a certain price, though. The higher your level, the higher that price will be. If you have used the cheat console before, to grant yourself styles, the price will be higher still. You won't be paying in Silver, by the way...

Removing Styles

If you feel an unused style clutters up your inventory, you can remove it.

Style Point Chances

Some people want even more style points, than my mod provides. Some people think my mod throws around with style points far too generously. Both groups are correct in their own way, of course. I tried to make the mod for players who like to use all ten styles the quicklaunch bar can hold and then some. I've come to realize, though, that I must provide alternatives. For the sake of simplicity I created four levels of style point chances: Student, Master, Grand Master and Jade Master. "Student" will give you the most style points and "Jade Master" the least. These levels obviously correspond to the combat difficulties and by default the style point chance level is, indeed, exactly the same as your combat difficulty. You can change the level via the cheat console. The one-size-fits-all chances from previous versions of this mod lay somewhere between "Master" and "Grand Master".


You can alter your appearance to any of the seven player characters. I might add other appearances in the future... Sadly it's not possible to change your character's name or gender, because the scripting engine does not provide any commands for that. During the prerendered cutscenes you will continue to see your character in the appearance you chose at game start.

Gems + Techniques

Most of the items in the gems section and the techniques section are available from the cheat-store. You won't get a discount, though.


There are a few flags you can set to "on" or "off".

Style Shouts [default: on]

Whenever you change styles, your character shouts the style's name. That can become annoying if you change styles a lot. The style shouts are also a bit unreliable, because most of the new styles don't provide shouts. I made a poll and it seems I'm in the minority with this pet peeve. That's why I made this optional.

Pirate Workshop Hack [default: off]

Some Windows 7 users report a most peculiar problem in the flyer workshop on the pirate island. Apparently two of the guards do not enter combat and simply remain standing where they are. That blocks the gate and prevents players from continuing the game.

I don't know what causes this weird bug. All I know is, my mod is not the culprit. I did however write a hack, that will simply kill those guards. You can enable the hack by turning on the "Pirate Workshop Hack".

New Focus Mode [default: off]

When you turn the new focus mode on, your character's action queue will be emptied and all on-going actions will be interrupted. That gives you direct and immediate control over character whenever you need it. Read the article at the Mod DB for details!

The Style Store [default: on]

Some purists seem to like the new styles, but not the way they can be learned in my mod. So I added the option to turn off the style store and by extension learning in combat. If you turn this off, you will be able to acquire new styles only through merchants and the cheat console.

Style Points [default: on]

If you feel that vanilla Jade Empire's style point progression was more than enough for you, you can turn the new mechanism off. Enemies will no longer drop style points and the game will revert to giving you style points for free, when you level up.